“Blog” Don’t Let the Words Intimidate You.

I’m not a writer…. I’m a doer….

Hey, I get it, writing is hard. Taking time out of your day to write is hard. Taking time to stare blankly at a computer screen with nothing to say is hard….

Have you considered that you really do have something to say? Start with the last question your client asked you…. “How do I light the pilot light?” or “What do I look for when buying a car?” or “How often do I have feed the goats?” all good questions, and all questions that could be answered with a small blog post. So the next time someone asks you a question… take a minute and write it out on your blog…. give them the simple answer, and let them know that you are available for more in depth answers if they call you…. A simple blog post can make a big difference and keep your rankings boosted…. You are the only one that can relate to your clients…. so relate to them. You will be surprised at the difference that it makes.

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