Email Setup

Setting Up Your Email On Your Own.

How to access webmail for directions to set up new mail server

You will need your username and password for this event

Your username is your email address.

Your password was sent to you in an email, if you don’t know it, please contact and we will reset it for you. We do not have access to this information.

Open your favorite web browser. I use chrome for this.

Click on the chrome icon.



Go to in your browser.

Select Webmail Login




Type your user name and password in the boxes provided:







When this appears, you can answer according to your security protocols.

We recommend keeping your passwords safe and not storing them online.



When you get to this screen, after log in, you will see your email in the upper right hand corner, if you select your email address, a drop down will appear where you can select password and security.



Please take a moment and create a new password for yourself. Once this is done, you will need to follow the steps above again. This will bring you back to this screen.






If you scroll down this screen you will see a lot of information about your new server. Included in this information is your account setup information.



This information will be tailored to your account. Please use these settings to set up your outlook/windows mail/phone mail. If you prefer using webmail, we recommend selecting HORDE at the top of this page and continuing on with your email usage. If you have any questions, please contact We will be happy to assist in any way.

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