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Digital Marketing has many acceptable definitions. So let us help you understand what we do.

We promote your product or brand via one or more forms of electronic media.

Digital Marketing by Howste

For example, advertising mediums that might be used as part of the digital marketing strategy of a business could include promotional efforts made via the Internet, social media, mobile phones and electronic billboards, as well as digital and television and radio channels.

Does this limit us to running ads? No, we also use brand recognition methods. We utilize Facebook and other social medias for posting. We set up calendars for when and how to post for people who want to do it themselves, we even set up blog posts and use them to interact with your brand.

Does this limit us to social media? No, we al

so do SEO, organic SEO, Web development, Web design, custom apps. We encompass most of the digital branding needs that small businesses have.

Does this mean that we have to do everything for you? No, we customize our services for your needs. If you are using social media just fine and don't want assistance with that, but need help with SEO, we got it. If you are working on blogs regularly but can't stand dealing with multiple SEO channels, we got it. You tell us what you want and we can help.


Howste Technical Services Digital Marketing and Managed Services

This is such a new term that most of the world hasn't really learned its definition yet. Most digital marketing companies focus solely on internet based marketing.

Utilizing your digital marketing resources are very important. But using them incorrectly will actually make your online presence worse. It will lower your search engine rankings and make it more difficult to recover your online reputation.

Hiring a company to set up your social media correctly, teach you to use it and get you an online presence usually costs 10's of thousands of dollars.

Howste Technical Services specializes in small business though, so we have made it our mission to offer this service at an affordable cost. This means many more small businesses can now afford these advanced services and training all to make your business more successful.

Call us today at 470-236-1999. Let us know what services we can help you with.

A few of the areas that we specialize in:

Organic SEO
Google Apps
Google Re-marketing
Online Reviews

Online Presence
SMS Campaigns
Targeted Demographics
CMS (WordPress and Others)


Social Media
Online Discounts
Email Campaigns
(Constant Contact,  Mail Chimp, etc)
Reputation Management

Howste Technical Services Digital Marketing and Managed Services
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