Do you know your online competitors? Do they know you?

Who are your competitors?

In an online environment, that may be harder to tell than you think. Just about any product can be found on EBay or Amazon these days. And if you have something unique, how do you know that someone else doesn’t have something just as unique? How do you find all the resellers that sell your product? Once you find them, how do you compare them to what you are doing?

Well for starters, a google search will bring up the most common competitors, but the proper google search with the correct key words will bring up the competitors that are the most similar to you.

Once you have completed that, you can gather more data by looking into domain names that are out there. It’s important to understand why certain websites don’t come up first in google. (Lest ye make the same mistakes they did.)

Now, how do we find out what the difference is in what they did right and what they did wrong so that you online presence can be easily found, and accurately represented?

Call us and we can help you with that part. But do your research first. Make sure you actually know who your competitors are. These key players will know who you are, once you put yourself out there. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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