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Michelle Depoy

March 25, 2014

This service allows parents to see their children at day care, while they are at work. They log into a secure Web site with a unique ID. This service is in place at The Brimarsh Learning Experience in Roswell.

I would recommend the services provided by Zylo-net to any parent who would like to know what is going on with their child during the day. It is very difficult to leave your child in the care of another individual but the “babyviewer” service makes it much easier. I was able to watch my son during the day and rest at ease that he was being taken care of. I would log on first thing in the morning when I got to work and watch my son throughout the day. My Mother and Grandmother have also been known to use the service to participate in the activities during the day was well. What a wonderful thing they have provided by offering the opportunity to share every moment of my son’s school experience.
I have recently switched to a school that is not offering the service at this time and the adjustment has been very difficult. I am doing my best to get the service at the new school as well.
Zylo-net was always quick to respond to any issue that arose. Again, I would highly recommend this service to any concerned, caring, and loving parent.
Sincerely, Michelle Depoy

Michelle Depoy

Mother of child formerly attending Brimarsh Learning Experience in Roswell.

BabyViewer Service

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