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Let’s talk VPNs!

“A virtual private network (VPN) is a great way for any organization or person to upgrade their online security and privacy. By creating an encrypted connection to the internet, a VPN filters all of your traffic through a network server, hiding your online activities from potential cybercriminals or even your internet service provider (ISP).” ( June 2021)

The biggest pros?
Security and privacy
Access Geo-Blocked content
No bandwith throttle

The biggest cons?
Slower internet
The Activity logs
Shared IPs that always have a risk of getting blacklisted

Is a VPN right for your business? It depends on what you are doing and why you are interested in it. These are the kinds of things that our ninjas can discuss with you because we want to make sure you invest in the right security protections for your business and this is definitely one of those options but isn’t the only option.

Reach out to us to chat about your business security today!
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