Severe weather impact on email

We have grown so accustomed to instant access to things like texts and emails. It’s easy to think that you have a computer problem if your emails take 5 minutes to arrive.

Please keep in mind right now that there are severe weather issues. We have 2 states under water. This means that routers and switches will be down all over the US. Normally we are prepared that if the state of Texas went down, emails would be rerouted and we would barely notice a blip. However, Texas and Florida are down. This can mean that your emails are pinging all over the place trying to find a path in a maze that is uncertain. Be a little more patient that usual… if your email takes more than 30 seconds to arrive, it’s OK, it may have to be redirected through Australia…. but it will get there.

If your emails are taking more than an hour, please call us and we will see what options we have to speed up the process.

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