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So you upgraded, now what?

So you got new printer, phone, tablet, roku, firestick, chrome case, voice command home technology this Holiday…. Bought some amazing technology in an after Christmas sale? Now what?

Well most people just plug it in and go…. And that works great, some times. Although not knowing what is compatible and what is not has been the down fall of some of the greatest in home networks…

So before you just plug n play… take a minute, do some research, ask a friendly neighborhood Ninja (we can be reached at 470-326-1999)… find out what works well together and what does not.

Remember that time your neighbor plugged in his Christmas lights and the entire sub division went dark?  Don’t be that guy!

Remember the time someone bought a used laptop only to find out that the MAC address was used for illegal torrents, and the guy was slapped with a fine? Don’t be that guy.

Remember that time your 80 year old aunt bought an iphone online only to find out that it was stolen when she received it? Don’t be that guy.

Remember that time Grandpa bought a used laptop and it came with a keylogger pre installed, so all his bank accounts got hacked? Don’t be that guyl.

Enjoy your new technology… have fun, be safe.



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