Sooo Gutenberg, Calypso, WordPress…. you ready for the challenge?

You DIYers…. on your mark, get set, and WordPress is ready to hit the Go button. Are you? Well Gutenberg release is supposed to be happening this month… and well, by November they are planning to have all the bugs worked out of it. Ya, force users to upgrade in August, so that they can have the bugs worked out by November. I think they took a play out of the Microsoft playbook here. If you are having issues with Gutenberg, Calypso, or WordPress in general, contact us, and let us save you hours getting things running smoothly again. Keep in mind, this isn’t going away, and they promise to work out ALL the bugs… its in their release notes, honest.

In the meantime, for those of you who don’t want the headaches, don’t worry, we have plenty of ibuprofen and your Website is safe with us…. we are staying ahead of the game, and waiting for the next curve ball.     -Howste Technical Services, because sometimes you need a ninja

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